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Children of the Mekong

a charity founded in 1958

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Children of the Mekong was founded in 1958 and supports vulnerable children in Southeast Asia by providing a holistic education. This includes, but is not limited to, the building of schools, provision of teaching resources, and social support. In 2022, our work impacted more than 23,000 sponsored children, and 70,000 supported children were able to gain access to education, find employment, and forge their own paths moving forward. 


Thanks to your sponsorship, the charity is able to provide an education to underprivileged children. Boys and girls from slums and remote rural areas, as well as ethnic minorities and displaced and refugee children, are offered a new life via an opportunity to access education until their professional integration.

If you want to join the charity and offer vulnerable children an education, then become a sponsor.

Please follow the link below:

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